Monday, February 09, 2009

Tough Girl

Updated to add a picture:

Recently, Zemi is in the "I look beat-up" stage. Poor girl has got so many scratches on her face. Running into a wall, banging her head on tables....just an all-together clumsy stage. Poor kid. I am so afraid she will knock out a tooth. I keep counting them.

Here we see her biggest scratch of all....right across her nose. This happened when she fell down and scraped her nose on the wall, or something, I wasn't home when this one happened.
I hope it doesn't scar.

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Ronnie and Leah said...

She'll be fine.
Try Calendula cream for those scratches-they wont scar.
Try Arnica for those bumps and bruises. Arnica works really well on those boo-boo's they get after running into a wall. You know the kind. The one's you watch swell into a giant bump right before your eyes!
I've given Levi and Sofia Arnica after a falling accident or running into the wall accident, and right before my eyes, the swelling goes down!
It still amazes me every time!

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