Friday, February 06, 2009


I remembered that I had not yet posted the photos from Christmas morning! For some reason I thought I had not even downloaded them off my camera, but apparently I a few shots...

Zemi got this cute lil kitchen for Christmas from her Grandparents. She loves it! She gives her baby dolls a bath in the lil sink and use the lil stove to pretend cook and she evens uses a lil salt shaker to salt the pretend food, which she has so much of already. She even has a grocery shopping cart, which she pushes around with the baby doll sitting in the front, just like Mom does at the real store!

As you know, Zemi LOVES baby dolls! Mom got her a new one for Christmas. She couldn't wait for the doll to be unwrapped, and "unchained" from the packaging. You can see she is already hugging and patting the baby's back.. kind of like a Mom holding her newborn before the cord is sweet.

and the boys.. they got a Wii. We decided 2008 was "Wii wish you a Merry Christmas" so every present was something Wii related. Besides a few items of clothing and new Crocs. Camoflauge crocs, ya'll. Super cool!
*that guy stealing the boys Hallmark moment is their Uncle. He like to play. I cropped out as much as I could of that. He did it on purpose.

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