Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Valentine Poem

I admit it! I do not like Valentine's Day.
It's just so dumb to me.
Candy companies and card companies, you see,
must make a killing this time of year.

I am SO anti-Valentine's Day.
Did I mention that I think it's dumb?
A Hallmark Holiday, in which the original reason for it isn't acknowledged.
I just go numb.
Like, St. Patrick's Day, and April Fool's Day, and I don't even care to recognize Mother's Day or Father's Day, or even Halloween.....
Save me from the insanity! Keep it real! I won't be seen...
buying into it.
I love you everyday...
not just on a "holiday".


Eric said...

I agree, especially with Valentines. It is just a way for the card companies to make more money...wish I were the card companies!!!:)

Ronnie and Leah said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!
All of those 'holidays' just tick me off!
But you can't even tell Christians these days that you don't celebrate them without them looking at you like you've got a third eye. The same eye that looks at me when I answer, "Yes, all five of these children are mine."

gailsirmans said...

do you get gifts or cards on Valentines Day or Mother's Day?

the Mrs. of the House said...

No gail, I do not and I do not care.
If I do happen to receive anything, I accept it and appreciate it, but it isnt necessary.

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