Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Kidz Newz: Aaron Edition

I am driving the kids and myself out to dinner last evening. The boys are arguing because Ben apparently has his seat leaned too far back and is "crushing" Aaron's knees...Ben wants Aaron to move over to the other side of the seat, behind Zemi...Aaron wants Ben to just lift the back of the seat up some...they keep saying this back and forth. Until I speak up and tell Ben to lift that seat...I tell Ben to not bother anyone, and that he should think of other people. But then I also tell Aaron that, yes, he can just move over and avoid confrontation...they both can learn from this situation...Aaron says to me, "but Mom, I have to unbuckle to move over, and if you crash while I am not buckled, I will diiiieeee!"
Boy it took a whole lot of lip biting to not laugh about that. After all, he had thought it through...kudos for that. But one day when he is older and driving himself, (oh, dear Lord), he will see that it's distractions from the backseat more likely to cause a crash (as they were providing), rather than just being quiet and sliding over or lifting the seat, which takes about 3 seconds..

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