Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another Volume of Kidz Newz, Zemi Edition

Zemi is saying more and more words now. Although some people may not understand her, I can. Here's a list of what we hear her say:

craaaa-ka (cracker)

dada (which means baby)-- and in a different tone

DaDa ( meaning either Mommy or Daddy)







and I feel like I forgot a few, so I'll post them in another entry when I remember.

Also, she is so smart! Every day, several times, we review the locations of our facial features. nose? eyes? hair? ears? She gets them right! toes? belly? She finds them too! She's so smart. She likes to "rub noses"...which is so cute...heart-melting...which I have incorporated into her bedtime routine.

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Ronnie and Leah said...

We call those 'nosey's'
We started that when Elijah was about a year old, and we still do it with Sofia!
So adorable.
I remember, Melody was and still is, super smart. She was speaking in complete sentences by age 2. The pediatrician was so surprised!

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