Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Kidz Newz: Ben Edition

Ben is the kid I can tell is going to be the "charmer" or maybe the "ladies man". He gets these looks that just say, "you're so wonderful"....all I have to do is know the answer to a question, or find something he can't, and he gets all lovey-dovey...huggy-huggy, and kissy kissy, soooo appreciative of everything I have done. Finding a particular Lego brick....finding hidden words within a bigger word (a game)....heck, even just registering his new Webkinz online....they all bring me kisses and big sparkly eyes from Ben. Lots of affection....almost too much....if I can even be allowed to feel that way. I have told him to save those kisses and hugs for his wife...when he was around 4 he would say that I was his wife....LOL

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