Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What am I allergic to?

What does North Florida have that South Florida does not? Everyday I have a stopped-up nose. I use Zicam twice a day so I can breathe...I went to a gathering last Saturday night, and my Zicam wore off while I was there...dumb me forgot to bring my bottle of Zicam in my purse...so I am talking to people, and sounding so stuffy...oh I hate that sound....and not to mention, but I will....mouth-breathing.. I absolutely could not get any air in through my nose...I felt like a fish out of water... my mouth slightly open all the time, my chest heaving with my gasps for air...trying to get some oxygen so I can stay alive.
When I visit south Florida, I do not have this issue. Not at all. So is it the pine trees? The oak trees? What is around me at home that is not when I go on holiday? This happens year-round...not just in the cooler months.

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