Tuesday, January 06, 2009

As Promised....

I said I would post the Christmas card photo after Christmas for those of you who didn't receive my card via snail mail...so here it is...
It only took an hour, and this was the last shot. I tried to have the boys hold the girl, then have them all sit on the floor. I finally resorted to having Zemi sit in the chair, because she can't climb down from that yet, so, she just sat there and I had my picture. I wanted a cute pose, but with kids, sometimes you just got to go with what works. I LOVE this picture anyway, so it's all good. Although you can't see Zemi's very darling sparkly red shoes.
That's Aaron on the left of the picture, he is 7, and Ben is on the right...he is 9. My baby Zemi is 15 months old in this picture...she's 16 months now.

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