Thursday, December 18, 2008

One by One....

They all get sick. Fevers, runny nose, lethargy, loss of appetite. First to fall victim was Aaron, he has not been to school since December 11th. Then Ben took sick, he has missed school since December 16th, and Aaron is still fighting off the crud. And now this morning, baby Zemi is spiking a fever and her nose is pouring...and both boys are still fighting off the virus. When will it end and who will be downed by this miserable "cold" next? Well, I certainly hope it isn't me, I have too much stuff to do. And Jason doesn't need to be getting sick either.
Dumb germs!

And did you know, "they" recommend children under age 2 to NOT take anything for a runny nose, or a cough, I have to watch her have a sticky, thick, snotty nose all day? and how many days will it last? poor kid....poor 3 kids.

The only plus side to this is: the boys are much more calm and quiet. It's pretty peaceful around here. And, I am saving on groceries, because the kids are not eating nearly as much.
But I want them to get better!!! like, now!


Jen said...

poor babies! Trust me, I know, they don't recommend for preggo people to take anything either!!!!!!!

Ronnie and Leah said...

okay. homeopathy is safe for people of all ages. we are fighting the same crud here in texas.
thick stringy mucous can be treated with a remedy called Kali Bich. find a health food store that sells homeopathics. call around first.
trust me, this cuts crud time to a minimum!

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