Monday, December 22, 2008

Kidz Newz

Ben played in his piano recital tonight and did an awesome job. Despite his awful cough, he went through with it. His coughing subsided for the duration of his performance. We did leave after his performance so his coughing would not disturb the other students in the recital.
We got it on video, and I will try to post that, as soon as I can get it uploaded. It's my new camera, so I need to figure it out first.
(my birthday present, did I ever reveal what Jason got me?)
...and did I ever mention that last year, Ben's first recital, someone forgot to press the record button on the camera? This year, I got it!
Ben is still fighting off the "crud"....he certainly has it worse than anyone here...I think his history of asthma is making it worse for him....his nose is running and he still spikes a fever, but hopefully, that'll be over tomorrow...

Zemi is sooo into pictures of other babies. She LOVES to look at the photos, and point to their eyes, and nose, etc.. and she will even hug the picture and try to feed the baby on the picture...LOL....and she has a book she favors, a little Golden book called 'Baby's Christmas' that she wants to "read" over and over again....I just point at the different toys in the book and tell her what they are, and she makes the sounds of the animals I say, and actually says "duck", and she always says "dada" when she sees a picture of a baby. We can sit with this book for a long time, and if I put it away, she will go and get it back immediately. I have just started to put that book in bed with her, like a lovey.
Every baby is "dada", and she even said "purple" and "boat" a couple of times, when I asked her to.
She is still a little bit under the weather, although nothing like the boys have had. Her nose isn't running that much, and she has coughed a few times, but she has no more fever. She certainly doesn't want to go to bed though, she will fuss for a while when I put her down. I would say she must be teething, rather than having caught the "crud".

And Aaron, he is definitely feeling all better. He likes to be silly...our own little entertainer. It's just about too much silliness...."Aaron, calm down!" But I am glad he isn't sick anymore. I don't like it when my kids are sick. Not one bit.

I have managed to keep the crud away from me. Thank God...the worst I have is a stuffy nose to which I use Zicam for. Zicam is wonderful for me. I cannot function without it.
Jason appears to be healthy as well, I have only heard him cough a few times, although I think I remember him saying his throat was feeling sore..a few days ago. Anyways-- he is not un-healthy.

Christmas shopping is done! At least I hope so. I made my list, and checked it all off, and I don't think I forgot anyone...only thing left to do is wrap wrap wrap. Santa will be good to us this year!

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