Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carolina photos

This is one level of the area called Cullasaja Falls. Beautiful isn't it? I took this one from my seat in our truck, zooming in as close as I could.

Ben took this photo of us at Cullasaja Falls. We climbed down a very steep cliff to get to this area, which others could only see from the road.

This is me on top of a waterfall, called Glen Falls. This place has several areas to see different levels of the waterfall. This is the highest point that we got to. Looking down was pretty scary; it was a loooooonnnggg way down, and the rocks and leaves were very slippery, but I managed to survive. And just so you know, I am afraid of heights!
The hike on this trail was labled "most difficult" but we all managed to hike it, even though Aaron did trip a few times, and Ben thought the side of a mountain was a jungle gym!

This is a hiking trail on Albert Mountain to get to the peak...the picture below is one of the views at the top. Surely a photo cannot do justice to the real thing.

Here I am with my kids one mile high on a mountain. I love this picture!


gailsirmans said...

Yes, absolutely beautiful! Eric and I would like to hike there.

bomba said...

We will have to plan a trip

gailsirmans said...

I'm ready

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