Monday, October 09, 2006

Carolina On My Mind

We spent the past weekend in Franklin, North Carolina. Jason and I had debated back and forth about going, and finally he decided we would go. I had wanted to go as a treat for Ben's know, staying in a cabin and hiking and such, sounds fun, right? It was great fun! The leaves were changing colors and the weather was cool and crisp, the view of the mountains was fabulous! I love it up there. But the roads are narrow and very curvy, and I would not want to be there when it snows. I actually got VERY nauseous on Hwy 64 going from Highlands, NC (elev. 4,112 ft) to Franklin, NC. Don't look down and write while riding in a car going around curves non-stop! We saw numerous waterfalls, and took a couple hikes up mountains. This is the perfect time of year to go to the NC Smoky Mountains. I'm trying to post a picture but Blogger is giving me a hard time...argh! Check back soon for some awesome photos of our weekend.


gailsirmans said...

Yes, I love the mtns. I also love to hike and waterfalls. Nothing better to me than being outdoors with nature.

bomba said...

Jennifer and I are going to go soon. Great Picturs!

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