Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carolina photos

This is called Dry Falls...this one was so neat, we could walk behind the waterfall, and all around it too.

Here are the kids at Cullasaja, this is a shot of where we climbed down a cliff to get to it...see previous post. I think I may have our Christmas card right here.

This is on top of Albert Mountain.

This is called Blue Valley, which can be seen along highway 64 really close to the Georgia state line.

This is Ben and I at Sky Valley, GA....also on Highway 64.


Nikki said...

These pictures are incredible :). I so want to go on a trip now...

Laurie said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love waterfalls! You, your husband, and boys look like a very nice family. I know you are proud of them! Laurie in TN

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