Sunday, February 19, 2006


Thursday afternoon I left, alone, for Tampa. It took me 5 hours of driving and I got into my hotel room at 7:38 PM.
I was tired, but hungry.

Why did I go to Tampa?
This trip was another step for me in my research on getting a cochlear implant.
This was a seminar that talked about all the strategies that can be used to help someone make the most out of the implant. A good title for the seminar would have been, "How to Hear Again."
There are several ways someone can re-train their brain to hear, rather than rely on their eyes, which is what I do now. I got to meet some people who had implants and they served as a guinea pig for the demonstrations of the strategies being talked about. They did good too!
I am excited to learn this information. I want to pursue this avenue more, soon as possible. If I didn't know before what having a cochlear implant involves, I do now. And I am more and more convinced that this is for me.


gailsirmans said...

I hope that it works for you. You've been struggling with this a long time.

Nikki said...

That sounds awesome...keep me updated! Best of luck :), you deserve whatever information and technology that you can get your hands on!!! GO JOYCE!!!

Nikki said...

Just heard last night on the news, that one of the olympic bobsledders - her son had one of these implant...he was like 3 or 4...they seemed to say good things about it! The baby's were 3 months premature and so their hearing didn't develop completely...they were communicating on the seem to be on the right track!

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