Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Squeeze. Greenland, and a Crush

The Squeeze


Aaron, give Mommy a hug.

*pause for hug

Oh, that's a good hug. Thanks! MMMMM!!

Aaron :

That's a squeeze!

When you hug and it hurts, that's called a squeeze.


Ben: Mom, where does it snow in our state?

Me: In Florida? Nowhere really.

Ben: I mean, in our area...

Aaron: (interrupting) Greenland! It snows in Greenland! That's up north and it's very, very cold there, yea, it snows there!

Ben: Oh that's in the Arctic?

Aaron: Yea, that's the Artic.

Ben: So then the South Pole is the Antarctic?

Me: Yes! That's right! Ya'll are so smart!

Me thinking: pre-school pays off! Oh wait! I was looking at a map with Aaron the other day and explaining about the different countries...he remembers! Me was halfway thru grade school before me ever heard of Greenland.

A Crush

Alright now, I know I'm happily married. But gee, this guy is so cute! I found him in the rock band, Chicago. He's one of the newer members, and plays lead guitar and even sings. WOW! I have to turn away. I can't look in his eyes.
His name is Keith Howland. Look him up ladies.


gailsirmans said...

yes, he is kinda cute. You can be "happily" married and still look. You can believe men look.

Tallahassee Lassie said...

Can you believe that guy is 42?????

42 !


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