Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Things Around Here

So, there is a lot to take note of now. We (or should I say I'VE) been busy!!! (because who keeps up with everyones schedule?) Where should I begin? February 2012, both my sons, Ben and Aaron, promoted to red belt in karate. March 27, 2012 marked Jason and I's 13th wedding anniversary. I love him! We ate dinner at Mockingbird Cafe, which is fantastic! Located here in Tallahassee Florida. They even have live music! Our oldest made his middle school track and field team. He is in the top 6 runners of his team, and wants to jump hurdles. His personal best is a 5:56 mile. Awesome! And, he has asthma! Our oldest, Ben, also performed a piano solo at his schools talent show. I have a talented boy! April 1, 2012 we saw demolition begin on our backyard. No fooling! Finally! Land clearing, new driveway, new hedges, 1/2 acre of green sod, all the makings of a super nice backyard! It's such a drastic and awesome improvement! We still aren't quite finished.....meaning we need to get a fence up, and install our new basketball goal, and paint the ball court on the driveway. Also in April, we found ourselves swamped with activities. Boys Town benefit, FSU men's basketball banquet, and the TMH Golden Gala in which we saw Keith Urban perform. All of these were great and fun events, but they coincided with my oldest sons track and field meets. Fortunately we made it to his first meet of the season. RSVPing in advance does have it's disadvantages. May 11, 2012 has been crazy busy too! What's first? Ok, I went with Aaron's 5th grade class on a field trip to Sea World Orlando. Just him and me all day. From 4:30 AM to 10 PM. Bussed there that morning and bussed back that same day. 9 hours on a bus and all day in the sun. But lots of fun for us! Memories. Me and my boy! He rode the rides, I just waited and supervised. May 12, 2012 was my daughters very first ballet recital! She's such a big girl it seems. She shows some talent as well. May 13, 2012 was mothers day this year and the day to which I've been waiting for, and Jason as well, and our kids HAD NO IDEA ABOUT IT! We picked up our puppy! I had been taking some sneaky trips to visit a litter that was born on March 15th. After months of research, and me getting retested for allergies (finding out my dog allergy had disappeared), and attending the local dog show, I had settled on the vizsla breed, and all the pieces fell into place. So, we have a vizsla, his name is Viggo, and he is now 9 weeks old and the sweetest pup ever! If you research them, you will learn how sweet they are. And now today was Zemi's graduation from preschool. She will go to kindergarten in the fall. Wasn't she just born?? Tomorrow, my oldest, Ben, has his 6th grade awards ceremony, in which he receives a few recognitions. Honor Roll and Sports team awards to start with (Cross Country and Track and Field). Next week is Aaron's 5th grade completion ceremony. He's moving up to middle school, an entirely different school than where he's been for the past 6 years. And of course, all three will be out of school for the summer next week. Aaron turns 11 on June 11. Zemi turns 5 on August 30. Ben turns 13 (!!!!!) on October 5.

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