Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being a Mom

means that you worry about everything. Every. Little . Thing. And Dad's do not quite understand it. Dads just do not see danger where moms do. Dads do not seem to understand that yes, we worry, but that worry, is a good thing because it keeps us on our toes, and causes us to take action to remedy any danger so that it doesn't exist anymore, and Mom can breathe easier, mom's heartrate can return to a normal rhythm, and the child does not suffer harm. I cannot stand the thought of anything happening to my children. Whether it be a trip and fall, a head slam into wall, jumping off the couch, falling down the stairs, any number of activities that kids do, they all give me heart attacks. So you can imagine my concern with leaving my daughter for 5 days, where I cannot control what she does, nor can I prevent any falls, is total trust of someone else to handle it all in THEIR way, which because it is not MY way, is wrong. Does that make sense? And the more you know someone; their quirks, their way of doing things, their personality, the more you can feel relaxed, or terrified, about entrusting them. Dads say, "don't worry about it! Relax!" Meaningless words.

So now it's down to 1 day before we take off for our adventure in Costa Rica. Tomorrow night begins Zemi's stay with her grandma. I can't sleep thinking about how she won't be here tomorrow night when I go to bed. Or how I won't see her until the 20th. Or how I won't be there to catch her falls, and keep her safe. Or even brush her teeth.
3 AM Saturday we get up and go to Orlando to catch our flight.

Oh Dear God, give me peace and keep my children, ALL my children, safe, away from harm, during this upcoming adventure. Please allow us to have safe, uneventful flights both there and back home, for our stay in Costa Rica to be fun of course, but also free from crime, and illnesses of any kind.

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Jen said...

I understand!!!! Even though Corban was with Eric in Fl. it drove me nuts!!!!

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