Friday, February 27, 2009


Aaron has been out of school 3 days this week. He keeps getting a fever. He slept the entire afternoon on Thursday, after school. I hope he is 100% by Monday.
Ben hasn't really sick, only some congestion. He seems to think that's a serious ailment and wants me to drug him up. I tell him, that's just life. There isn't really anything I can give him for it. Ben has been trying my parenting skills this week too. That's all I will say about that.
Zemi's fever turned into coughing and a runny nose. She sounds so congested and there isn't anything I can do for her. Just hold her a lot and use a humidifier in her room. These kids need to stop catching germs.
My allergies are still bothering me. Congestion is the biggest issue for me, but sneezing is also part of my day. Several times a day. I cannot ever remember sneezing this much. And I hate when I have to sneeze, I can feel it, but it gets "stuck" AWFUL sensation!
Jason is working harder than ever. You know how the stock markets are doing. I am worried. I think we are doing OK, but of course we can do better. I don't like Jason working so much, but he has to.
We are also shopping for a new car for me. It's time to turn in my beloved Cadillac. What I need is cargo space, for the stroller, groceries, and room for kids when it's my turn to run the car-pool.
I should have my new car in about 2 weeks.
I'm still trying to get my home re-organized. It's coming along, but I want some help.
I want to be done already!
We have a new bed. I turned our office/piano room into a bedroom. I needed something in there...the room was so empty looking, plus I can use underneath the bed for storage. Also, any guest we may have will have a place to sleep now, instead of in the baby's room.
I bought an antique twin bed from a friend of mine. Maybe when I get that room all set up, I'll post a picture. Our home is a great home, but lacking on storage space. I made do when I just had two kids, but with three, I'm just at a loss as to what to do with some things, since the baby overtook the room I had set up for storage.. I'm sure I will figure it out. Someday.

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