Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hear Mom's Cry

I am sick. I have allergies. Major ones. Benadryl -you do not work, Vicks 44- you are cool. I have to get more of you.
Aaron is sick. Fever runs high . 103.6. School he will not see for a few more days.
Zemi is sick. 100 fever. Mommy is weaning her. She is not happy.
Ben has a stuffy nose. Fever on Sunday night. Missed school today. Stayed up till mid-night.
I predict: I will be tired Tuesday. Ben will rise early and be tired Tuesday. Aaron will continue with the fever and rest on Tuesday. Zemi is unpredictable. Jason, dear hubby, will go to work.

Life will continue the same for me...laundry, cook. Drink some Vicks 44.
The predictability of Mom-ness.

But please children! STOP getting sick!
And please parents! STOP sending your kids to school sick!

And if your child brings home a jacket that is not theirs, send it back to school so it's rightful owner can have it again!!!!


mamajil said...

I hope you guys get better soon!!

Ronnie and Leah said...

Girl, that fever hit me at 2 am on Saturday morning. And I mean HIT me!
I'm still running low grade fever and taking my homeopathic remedies-which so far haven't gotten that sinus thing cleared up-but I'm hopeful.
I feel better today than I have all week, so hopefully this trend will continue.

I hope you feel better soon. Oh, and by the way, we all got sick and no one goes to work or school here. Must have picked up this mess at church.

MaggieBrown said...

Been there, done that! That is why I have a recommendation for you. I haven't been sick in over a year because of a new product for kids called Germy Wormy. Before that, it was nasty like you are living through. It was taught in my child's daycare, and they learned to both avoid AND keep from passing germs around!


Give kids a PLACE to give their germs to – instead of you!

gailsirmans said...

I hope that you all are doing better. It is hard when everyone is sick at the same time. What are you weaning Zemi from?

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