Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Late Nite Update

Tonight I was gluing designs onto poster board for Ben's Archimedes assignment. I don't know why he can't just read up on the guy and write a couple paragraphs on it. It's got to be this major poster thing, with pictures and colors and a lot of time out of my days to help him. I hope I, I mean Ben, get an A.
Both boys are playing basketball again. I actually like going to those games. It moves along fast and it's a social event for me too. And it doesn't take but one hour. They are both playing so well.
Zemi is just so cute...she says mama mama mama....a lot now. :)
I believe she has a new tooth coming in. Finally. She hasn't cut any teeth in a while. This one is a pointy tooth.
Aaron also has a new tooth coming in. Also a pointy one. A grown-up tooth. His new tooth and Zemi's new tooth are in the same position coming through. This happened one time before. How cool is that? Isn't that just unbelieveable? Well, believe it.
I have been doing lots of organizing around here. I have 4 rooms right now undergoing re-organization. Lots of throwing away or giving away. I have bought storage containers..I'll need more. On a trip to Target today to get a shoe cubby, I took Zemi in her pajamas, they were cute and warm and had feet on them (those are the best kind). But before we left home, she had gotten into the banana basket and peeled off all the little Chiquita stickers and stuck them on her jammies. She did not want me to take them off! So I took her shopping in her jammies and all stickered up. Now, when she see any stickers, she's all like "ooo! " and "gimme gimme gimme" and all smily. But she won't leave any stickers stuck to her or her clothes but the Chiquita banana stickers. Ya know 'em, the lil' blue ones.


monica said...

I'm new to your blog. I can't remember where I found you. LOL

I have 2 sons that play basketball too. I am going to be so sad when ball season is over. Is that sad? LOL I've turned into a total sports mom.

Eric said...

I am guessing that you are spending a lot of time on facebook and therefore your blog is suffering. Oh well...I guess I won't be able to keep up with you any more? Trader!!! :)

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