Friday, January 23, 2009

At the request of Jason "get off MY facebook page and get your own" , I finally gave in and joined. It is quite fun. I have found some high school folks I knew back when and "friended" my local buddies and it's fun to watch the status updates and reply to them and see photos, it's like a telephone for me. It is also quite addicting...
Here is the list of my own "status updates" from over the past 4 order from most recent to the first one, which was Tuesday. (Tuesday was a fun day to watch status updates, by the way)

Joyce is back from shopping. 11:06pm
Joyce is cooking healthy tonight...mac n cheez n (Kosher) hotdogs! At least they will have an apple too. 5:30pm
Joyce is watching the kids build that fort again...blankets over tables and chairs. 4:05pm
Joyce amused by Zemi. She is circling the table with her little doll stroller holding a swaddled doll and a pair of shoes. She keeps "shushing" me."baby's sleeping." 9:19am
Joyce is watching Zemi rock her baby doll to sleep. Swaddled in a blanket of course. 9:10am
Joyce is glad the house is put together once again.
Joyce is watching the kids play in a fort they built out of blankets, dining room chairs and the table. 5:49pm
Joyce says: I need to get the boys from school, and the baby is sleeping. I hate waking up sleeping babies! 2:06pm
Joyce is having some coffee and planning out the day. First, clean ovens, then, clean bathrooms. YAY!!!! 7:27am
Joyce is cleaning the kitchen. All the kids are asleep now. Then I will play Wii!! 9:14pm
Joyce thinks it's cute that Zemi is standing with her nose in the corner. Copying her older brother who is in trouble. 7:41pm
Joyce loved it when Aaron said, "why can't I do the dishes?" just now. 6:47pm
Joyce is watching Zemi sit in the baby doll stroller and Ben is pushing her around and under the table. And she is laughing and laughing. And the boys want candy. 6:44pm
Joyce is always stunned that the kids eat 2 pounds of strawberries in one sitting! 4:08pm
Joyce has a roast and some potatoes in the slow cooker, house smells great! 1:19pm
Joyce 's hubby will be sooo happy she has her OWN facebook page now! 9:42pm

Oh it's just another way to record memories, isn't it?

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