Monday, September 08, 2008

We're Famous! well, not really, but....

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You can see me and my family in the background of the picture in that link...
click forward.. we are still there, but not so obvious.
This was at what is called Downtown Getdown...a Pep Rally in the street the day before an FSU football game.
That's me in the black shorts and white top, my husband is laughing behind the blonde which is his brothers girlfriend, my two boys in the garnet t-shirts, and my lil girls' lil shoes are seen as she is sitting in the stroller....


No snide comments on the spelling of 'people' that lil girl has there, please...I don't know her and my kids don't go to her school!

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mamajil said...

can I have your

It was great to see you in the background...I hope y'all had fun!!!

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