Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A TRUE Mother's Day

would be:

I need a day, an entire day, (maybe two days, 3?) off from all domestic responsibilities so I can finally go through piles of stuff and organize my photographs and find the missing camera cord so I can post the photos online. And find any number of other missing and/or misplaced items around here. And then maybe I can get our garage cleaned up. And then maybe I can steam-clean our carpet. And then....and then maybe dust. and then.....and... and...and maybe all the posts for this blog that I have been holding in my head will come back to me so I can finally get it on here.

So much "on the side" stuff to do that is not included in our regular day schedule....


Laurie said...


I quit my job in December so I could do all of these things. . . and am barely making a dent! But, I hear ya! We all need a little break! Moms can't quit their jobs. . . it's a lifetime deal.

Hope you are doing okay. Will you come to Nashville next June? :) That will be a nice break for you!

mamajil said...

I totally know what you mean...I often want to stop the planet till i catch up....
take care!

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