Thursday, September 18, 2008

Part 2 - Zemi's birthday

She IS a gift, is she not?

"Oh Daddy, You're SO funny!"

This is the tablescape I made for Zemi's birthday party. The theme was black and white with some pink. The table looked ready to host a tea party.

I had a kiddie table too. Here's the birthday girl paying a visit to her brothers.

Are we a nice looking family?

ooooooooo Cake!

The cake. Some people said, "wow! how did they do that?", when I sliced it up. Well, I did it! It's really not that difficult.

A little light reading, taking a small break from the festivities.


Amy Parris said...

Do tell. How did you make that cake? I'm so impressed by your whole upscale theme for a 1 year old. Mine usually get hotdogs and a clown cake.

mamajil said...

very impressed!!!
great pictures and what a cool cake!

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