Thursday, September 18, 2008

Her Actual Birthday

Here you have seen just three of the gifts she received for her birthday. Little tiny shoes, 4 pair in all, and this is a bracelet I made for her. One pink pearl for one year old.

A close up of my beauty.

So Zemi's party, which you can see in the posts below, was held on September 7th. Her actual birthday is August 30. On her actual birthday, I spent all morning playing with her....I did whatever she wanted to do. She led the way. Then that afternoon, we went to to a lake with some friends. She had a fantastic time!

Her daddy had to go out of town for her actual birthday. :( He did get home that evening, so I made up a bowl of ice cream and put a candle in it, so we could do something with her daddy to celebrate. Zemi wasn't so sure what was going on here....

But once she got a taste of that ice cream....she was definitely into it.


Eric said...

These are GREAT pics! Thanks for the birthday wish.

gailsirmans said...

what is that "days you've been alive, and how many days you have left"? That is not right.

mamajil said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Its hard to believe its been a year!! She is so sweet!!!

Eric said...

I'm going to be loving on me some of "your beauty" when I get down there. The picture with her BIG pretty eyes!

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