Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Cry for Help

So my kids are tired of sandwiches in their lunch box everyday. Hey fine with me because I do not like making sandwiches. But I need some ideas of other lunch foods to pack for them. Anyone?


Laurie said...

I always wrote little notes and put them in my kids' lunches. And still do for my grown son who lives at home with us and mows lawns for a living.

As far as ideas other than sandwiches, how about some sliced meat and cheese and they can make cheese and meat rollups. Or try this website:


Anonymous said...

Veggie sticks, cheese sticks, fruit slices.
Try using different breads like pita pockets, rye bread, or pumpernickel, even english muffins or bagels!
Alternate the kind of sandwich they have.
I made grilled cheese for my kids with mozzarella instead of american or cheddar, then gave them pizza dipping sauce! It was just like eating mozzarella sticks!

Eric said...

I like lunchables!!!

Sweetwater Savings said...

We just had the same problem at my house. The kids asked me to get them each a thermos and pack something warm like mac & cheese or chicken noodle soup (they had seen friends at school with lunches like that). I warm it up in the micro so it's piping hot and then it's still warm by lunch. It's a nice alternative to the sandwich.

Nikki said...

Tried posting this one before?? But Kaelyn loves chicken strips for lunch. I cook them in a frying pan the night before, with a little butter, lemon juice and garlic. Then cut them in thin finger size strips and refrigerate. She eats them cold the next day as a finger food...worth a try :)!

Jamie said...

We do cold cuts sometimes. I get the 99% fat free kind and then cook a little turkey bacon and roll that into the center. I also do mac and cheese or soup occassionally in a thermos. Also, I let Tres buy his lunch once a week to break up the mundane a little bit.

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