Saturday, August 16, 2008

Creepy Prank

What if you came home and saw this:
(notice the blood, er...ketchup)

and you don't know who did it..

and no-one will 'fess up to it.

and then you are scared that there is a crazed killer hiding in your home.

so you call up a friend to come over and search around and then just sit with you until your husband came home.

then an hour later, one of the original suspects confesses..
"Gotcha!" they say.

Yea, we can all laugh about it now, but in the heat of the moment....


mamajil said...

Oh My goodness!!!!
I would have been freaked too!!
Glad it wasn't a creepy intruder!!

Jen said...

Thats funny. Who did it?

Eric said...

Whatever the case, NEVER run Upstairs! They always do that in the movies...Where are you going to go? Out the window?!!! Well, atleast that is one less "potato head" that we have to deal with. Did you make french fries?!

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical!
How creative your boys are!

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