Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beach Day

Yesterday we went to a lake with a beach, Zemi's first time on a beach. (save for when she was 8 weeks old and I just held her at the shoreline) ...the boys had a blast on our jetski and playing in the water with their friends. Zemi was quite frightened when we first arrived. She did not like the sand, or the water, or the sounds of the water. I placed her on the blanket and she stayed in one spot. After a while she warmed up to it and would walk around on the blanket, and she let me hold her while I walked in the water. The boys, as always, just do boy things, like find rocks and shells..


mamajil said...

Oh I remember Riley hating the beach! I use to take an inflatable baby pool and fill it with water and set her under an umbrella to play it was the only way to keep her happy and not screaming she hated sand....looks like y'all had a great day!!

Jen said...

They are growing up so fast!! Eric and I must plan a trip to visit! But it may have to wait till summer... he is saving all of his off time for when Lil'bit gets here.

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