Monday, December 10, 2007

News from the B's

I'm still here! Just really really busy! So much has been going on that I have not taken the time to blog about anything. Let me see if I can remember everything...

Starting where I left off.

Thanksgiving was great. We made it home safe. Of course once back at home there are mounds of laundry and other chores to catch up on. I always feel so stressed getting back from a trip, as if I will never again get caught up, as if I even get to that point in the first place. Since Thanksgiving I have felt like nothing is getting done....even though I am going all day long doing everything!

Ok, stressors aside:

Zemi is now 14 weeks old. 3 and a half months. This past week she has "found" her hands and is figuring out she can grip onto stuff and sometimes she will hold on tight and put whatever (dont worry, it's all safety first around here) in her mouth, and sometimes she loses the grip and drops the whatever. The whatever being some sort of baby toy, and even her bib, when she manages to grip onto that. I believe she is starting to teethe. The drooling is there, she has been way more fussy than usual. She wants me to hold her a lot, and she isn't taking her usual naps. On Thursday last week, I called in a teenager to help me with the housework, as I could not put Zemi down to do anything myself. Jason is working on finding me a housekeeper, which will be awesome!

I took Zemi to get her ears pierced last night. She looks darling. Yes, she cried. But not for long. Here she is can see the little bling bling on her cute little earlobe.

Christmas decor is up, shopping has begun, and almost completed.

The boys are great! Ben has his first piano recital this coming Sunday! One of his pieces is a duet. Guess who is playing the 2nd part? Yours truly! I'm nervous.
Aaron is chuging along, being 6 years old and a boy, whatever that brings him each day is what he does.
The boys each had basketball tryouts on Saturday. They will begin games in January.

Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday?
Now I am 31.


Jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I forgot *sigh* :( I hope it was a great one!!!!! (((HUGS)))

Amy Parris said...

Happy Birthday

Eric said...

Happy Birthday Cuz!!!

Leah said...

happy birthday! I just turned 32 in November. Did 30 stress you out?
A little tip on the laundry: If you start one load before anything else gets underway for the day, you will find you stay on top of it.
I have found that if I start the laundry before the kids get up, that I remember to switch the loads and end up doing most of the laundry in the first half of the week.
Of course, with the kids gone this week, that's been a different story!

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