Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

My kids are fabulously awesome and cute to boot! And yes, even silly sometimes.
We are back home from North Carolina as of 4 PM today.
Thanksgiving was great! Great food, great little cabin to relax in....nice break from the daily grind. Hope ya'll's was just as good as ours.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pictures!! Your kids are ALWAYS cute!!!
The last one cracked me up...Zemi with that tongue poking out!!!

Leah said...

I was wondering when your boys would make it back into the pictures!
So cute. My oldest has no freckles, and my second born has a face full! I love it.
Zemi looks so adorable in that first photo (and all the rest), but especially in the first one.

gailsirmans said...

good pics......

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