Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Time Flies

Zemi is going to be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Can you believe that? I seriously need to upload the photos I have taken this past week.
Her umbilical stump finally came off this evening. It took a long time to dry up compared to the boys' cord stumps. I didn't mind at all though. Seeing that stump keeps me thinking she's a newborn. I want her to stay the size she is now.
I have noticed that when I look at her and she is looking at me, such as when she is nursing, I feel like I am looking at a photo of me as a baby. Oh yes, it's true, she is looking like me. Although I know time will fly by and we will see what she looks like when she is older, I can wait. I want her to stay small. She's my baby.

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