Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zemi Memories

A few memories of Zemi ---jotted down before I forget them.

1: We quickly learned that once she is content, she does not want to be moved or messed with. She lets out a little cry when we do so. Although, she did not continue to cry, she did let it be known that she was confortable, then it was as if she thought, "whatever, I'm going back to sleep." This lasted for about a week, then she became used to everyone wanting to hold her.

2: She has since birth seemed to know who her Mommy is. She can be crying or fussy, and as soon as Mommy picks her up, she will be calm.

3: Although she can cry and does at times, it is a rarity. She is very calm and peaceful and content...something must really be bothering her to cry, like hunger....usually I have to wake her up to feed her though, every 3 or 4 hours.

4: I swaddle her at night, and also put on a cap to keep her warm and make her feel secure. ( must work, as she sleeps 4 hours at a time during the night, during the day too) ...this morning ( Sept. 11) I was in the kitchen, and she was in my bedroom in her bassinet, when I heard her crying. (key word: heard) I went to get her and saw that the cap had slipped over her eyes and she didn't like that. She was a happy baby again as soon as I took the cap off.

5: I noticed yesterday afternoon that her legs were straight. Newborns like to be all scrunched up for a while after birth, as this is how they were in utero. When she is on her tummy and her legs are scrunched up, it reminds me of a frog...it's really cute. But while she was asleep yesterday her legs were straight for a little while, then they "re-coiled" and they stayed bent until a little while ago, tonight, when I noticed that they were straightened out again. sigh....I want her to stay little!

6: She likes to make a fist and place it on her cheek, especially while nursing. Sometimes she will make both hands into a little fist and place both on her cheeks. Sometimes she will just put her fingers fanned out and place them over her eyes. It's the cutest thing. She always has her hands on her face while feeding. I know that in my own newborn hospital photo, my hands were in a fist on my cheeks as well. And her lips are exactly like mine are in my newborn shots. Her eyes are shaped like mine as well....Jason hopes she looks like me, but I can see some of his features on her as well. No matter what ----she is and will be beautiful.

Will post more as I remember them or as they happen.

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Jennifer said...

Awwwwwwwwww....how sweet! My girl-babies were NOTHING like that!! They were awake and kicking and screaming from birth...OY! I'm glad you have such a sweet little princess!

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