Saturday, September 08, 2007

One Whole Week Old

and warm and swaddled after her bath.


Patti Doughty said...

Joyce, I'm so thrilled for you. I didn't realize you were quite this far along. I new you were a ways behind Rachel, but I lost track of time. Congratulations!! She's beautiful. And you look fabulous.

You got your wish - born by the end of August. Does she really have reddish hair or is it just the lighting in this picture?

I have a funny story to tell you. When I was pregnant with Deanna, Don called the baby in my womb Zim-Zam. Later, he shortened it to Zimmy. He threatened to name the baby that, but I quickly overroad him. Just after she was born, he was on the way to work and listening to the Christian radio station. Someone called in and their name was Zimmy. When Deanna was 2 months old, we went to Hilton Head and a restaurant had a mascot standing outside with the name of - you guessed it - Zimmy. Don said, "I know that was a sign from the Lord. Should have named her Zimmy." I'll tell him about your beautiful girl with the unusual and very similar name. He'll get a kick out of it.

Thanks for steering me over here. I tend to get tunnel-visioned and don't read other people's blogs. Busy season with starting my soaping business, Don gone and the kids just starting school.

Congratulations again, Joyce. Give that precious bundle a kiss from your old blogger friend.


Jennifer said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I love her lips...she's so pretty!!!!

Leah said...

And how much sleep are you getting?

Nikki said...

She is absolutely beautiful. I have been checking in on your blog from here at the office and have really enjoyed the precious pictures.
We are still struggling with our home computer, guess we just haven't made it a priority yet :(.
Congrats again on the precious little girl - are the boys happy to have their little sister home???

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