Monday, August 13, 2007

Almost Done!

And I mean that in two ways.

Baby is now 36 weeks along and I really could give birth any day now. I have not had any signs that is labor is beginning, but that can happen without warning, I know. Whenever is fine with me. I am so anxious to hold and see this baby!

And the nursery is almost done. I finished up the painting, that's with painting the walls, the ceiling, and the baseboards and doors and trim around doors, and the window sills. Jason changed out the ceiling fan (I found a nice one at Lowe's, and you won't believe the difference it makes in the appearance of the room), all the furniture is in place, some clothes are hanging up in the armoire, I have a new quilt and shams for the twin bed in there. In Baby's bathroom, I have painted the floor, and have some wallpaper on order to hang up in there. Jason's mom is a professional wallpaper hanger, so she will hang it up. How convenient! My crib bedding will be here anyday. I just need to get two more light fixtures and a floor lamp. I have the wall art ready to hang, just need to do it, and this week I have 2 baby showers. After the showers, I can put all that gear away, and that will be all I need to do for the nursery. Hmm, it sounds like I still have a lot to do, but really it's only finishing touches. The painting was the biggest undertaking. I will take a photo when it's done AND Baby is in the room. I'm keeping the gender a secret from the online world, so anyone here who I have told the gender too, just keep it secret too!

I have a bassinet from when Aaron was a newborn, and it needed a new cover and grandma made me one and it looks good as new now. The bassinet I will keep downstairs for the few months Baby will fit in it.

And finally, we may have decided on a name. We are almost for sure going to go with ----------------------. We were talking last night and some today about it. Lots of people have asked me what the name is, and I keep having to say that I don't know yet. Maybe after a couple more days I can finally tell them. Of course maybe not. I have gone this long with giving out hardly any clues to what was on our list, so why not just let the name be a surprise upon birth?

I think I mentioned before about us knocking down a wall in the boy's room to make one big room and how that room is unfinished. We now have someone building us a custom unit for the boys' bed and bookshelves and also to finish out drywalling and ceiling where the wall came out. Jason also hung a new ceiling fan in that room today, a fan to match the other one in there, which was on the other side of the wall before but now the room has two matching fans, does that make sense?

Alright, my middle of the night snack is gone, so back to bed I go.
School starts next week, so this week I need to make sure I have everything the boys need for the new school year. I don't like taking them shopping, but I don't have a choice now. Unless I go after dinner when Jason is home...hmmmmmmm......


gailsirmans said...

ok, you can't tell the name on here, that would give away the gender. I also can't wait to see this baby!

Jennifer said...

Oooohhh! I wanna know the name!!!!

Leah said...

Hey, I came over from Testosterhome.
Love the blog. I'm expecting also--#5. I'm thinking I agree with you about not telling the gender or name. Since this is our 5th and last, it's fun to keep everyone guessing and kind of annoyed! (I know that sounds mean).
Anyway, hope your new baby arrives on time and in perfect health. Have a blessed day.

Eric said...

Here comes another baby!!!

Oh, and I know what the gender is!

Love Cuz!!!

Laurie said...

What letter does the name start with so I can guess. . .

I know you are excited!!!!

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