Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping Lesson:

As someone has just asked me:
MOST of my maternity wear is from Gap Maternity. Old Navy maternity is next, and the rest is borrowed from my good friends. Duo Maternity from JC Penney's has a few cute things I wear, mostly tank tops, and Motherhood has some stuff I like, but since they don't carry my size, I have one dress from there that I bought that fits me... My FAVORITE items are from Gap Maternity. You can order online if you can't find a store near you.
I'd be happy to lend out my clothes to you Amy, but you are so far away! I think we are the same size.
The jeans in the photo below are Gap Maternity. The striped top is from Motherhood, and belongs to my friend.
Target has some hip clothes, and our local Ross store has some maternity items that are cute, and cheap too!

Make a note: I wear a size XS, so I have a hard time finding the maternity clothes to fit me, Gap and Old Navy carry the XS online only from what I hear. I bought a size S at the Gap store I found in California and it fits me fine though. Especially now since my chest is bigger. :)

Stay away from Motherwear (catalog). Their clothes are awful, cheaply made.

Of course there are some online shops, like Due Maternity, Pea in the Pod (which also has physical stores), Ann Taylor (I think), and lots of other websites, even eBay....but I find the best deals at Gap and Old Navy. They just got in their fall collection-- so check it out.
I have a few pairs of low cut stretchy pants that are not maternity that I can still wear now. So you can always look for low cut stretchy pants, like yoga wear, or some jersey knit skirts.

Hope that helps anyone looking for a maternity wardrobe.
Ask your friends if you can borrow their clothes too.

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Amy Parris said...

Ah, if only I lived a little closer. I have an interesting problem this go around. All three of my other preganancies went through the summer. This is the first time I'll be showing during the winter months. Oh, the things a girl will do to get a new wardrobe :).

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