Monday, July 16, 2007

Lesson Number 3 for All The Ignorant

Get this picture in your head:
A greasy spoon shack of a restaurant on the shore of a lake. Trailer trash redneck older women waitresses. Permanent frowns on their faces, wrinkles and yellowed skin from smoking. Fat, flabby skin in clothes that are too small and not age appropriate. Oh and deep voices on the lady. Now enter me, coming off the beach on the lake there, in the back of the restaurant. I need to go to the bathroom, so I go to use the shack's toilet. (don't worry, I hovered).

Waitress stops me and says: When you gon' hav' zat baybey?"
So I told her probably around the end of August.
She then says: AUW-GEST!? Then proceeds to get in my face, looking me up and down with her eyes as big as she can open them, not even blinking once...just staring me up and down. Then she asks me: YOU GOT TWINS IN THERE? At this point, I just walk away from her, saying nooo....
and I didn't look back. When I came out of the restroom, I just gave her a dirty look, and went back to the beach and cried a little bit.
What a rude lady.

Never say that kind of stuff to any women, much less a pregnant one.

I am actually either right at the point I should be measuring or even just a little smaller.

Next time someone says something like to me, I'm going to knock them down or tell them off in such a way that they will NEVER comment on such things ever again. Especially to a stranger.
Hearing that remark from a friend or family member is one thing, but from a stranger if just unacceptable.

There's seemingly a lack of social graces among the population. No wonder they have to work in shabby greasy spoons.

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