Sunday, June 03, 2007

Random Truths of Life

Some random notes on life around here:

School has been out for the summer since May 24th. The kids had somewhat of a party to begin the summer by us taking them to Universal Studios and then spending about two days in Tampa, where they swam the whole time with 4 buddies of theirs.

I am preparing for the trips we have this month: two weddings in Alabama, and I have a trip to Oklahoma City. I am invited to the bridal luncheon, which is nice of the bride to do that....she is marrying into my family, tying the knot with my cousin Michael. Her wedding is June 9th. My other cousin, Kaci, is marrying Brandon on June 30th....Kaci and Michael are siblings. We have two 6 hour trips, 12 hour round trips, to Birmingham for these events. I have been shopping for some nice maternity clothes because a girl can't wear the same dresses to two weddings in a month where the same people will be at both of them, can she now? I got some good deals yesterday while shopping. And I can safely say now that no-one will see me in the same outfit twice.....LOL But do I have the shoes to match? I will have to check...After all, I need to be a hip mommy! Fashionista I am! LOL

I got my boys new dress shoes, and I need to see what's in their closet fit for a wedding or two. I may have to shop for them as well.

Poor Jason. His back is hurting him SOOOO bad. He is literally crippled with the pain. His body is slanted to the side because he cannot stand up straight. Now the pain is radiating down his butt and his thigh. He has been going to a chiropractor, finally, but progress and relief has yet to find him. I am having to help him do almost everything, esp. get dressed. He cannot bend down. He is walking using an umbrella for a cane. He was so sweet tonight to get up and get dressed and take me out to dinner. I have been cooped up in the house since last Thursday, and the kids are with their grandma tonight, so I asked him if he wanted to go out to eat. He did it for me. He had me drive home, which he NEVER does, and that shows the extent of his pain. He has been sleeping on the bedroom floor, I suppose that feels better than our bed right now. I'm afraid that if he doesn't get better, I won't be able to go to Oklahoma, my friends. I can't leave him for 4 or 5 days in his condition. Not with him going to be in charge of the kids. Even if we had no children, I couldn't leave him like that...I hope he gets better, for his own sake. We will see. I don't know what could be wrong. His X-Rays came back normal...He is starting to get mentally affected by his pain, and lack of ability to live life, even working is becoming too hard for him....I don't know what to do for him, other than what he asks of, drink, help him dress, bring him medication.

I myself am now 26 weeks pregnant, pretty tired a lot and achy, not sleeping too good....all those pregnancy complaints common in the last trimester, which I begin next week...It's a stretch for me to help Jason, the boys, and do all the housework....but I get it done somehow. Even if I do it slowly.

Ben has taken to asking me everyday how I feel...he wants to know if I feel sick or if I feel good. Isn't he sweet?...He has shown his sensitive side. He will come up behind me and hug me and rub my belly. Aaron had a bellyache one night and he was helping Aaron with getting into his pajamas....

My nesting instinct is still here. I am obsessed with getting all the junk out of the house, de-cluttering, organizing. The problem is I don't have the energy to do a whole lot of that in a day. I know it will get done though.

I have a 4D ultrasound next week. One of those sepia colored, 3 dimensional moving pictures of the baby. I get a video and photocopies of the event, which takes 45 minutes. I can't wait! Surely we can confirm the gender at this appt. Which I am pretty sure of it now, as is my OB, but all of you blogger buddies will have to wait until I give birth to find that out...*evil laugh*

My kids are signed up for VBS and basketball camp, both of which is next week, everyday. All day...9 to 5. They will be with their buddies, and they are SO excited about it.

I had an appt. with my audiologist in Tampa on the 25th. I went into the sound booth and my audiogram came in at 20 dB across the chart, except at 1,000 Hz, 2,000Hz, and 4,000Hz....those came in at 0 dB! Pretty amazing huh? It turned out to be too much stimulation, so we turned it down some so I can tolerate the sounds better. All those high frequencies overpower everything, so nothing made sense. The sound is much better now.

That's all I can think of right now.

Catch ya'll later!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm Is your husband experiencing pain travelling down to his legs or feet? If so does it feel like pins and needles? He may just have a bad sprain, but if he doesn't improve with bed rest and has these pains in his legs/feet, ask the doctor if he needs a myelogram to see if he has a herniated disc.

I will come back and visit to see if you have any questions...


Tallahassee Lassie said...

He does have a leg pain, but this is from a tightened muscle. He is taking a muslce relaxer that is relieving that tightness. He has been suffering from back pain for about 6 years off and on. He is seeing a chiropractor, and his XRays are completely normal. He will get an MRI if the series of adjustments do not help him.

Anonymous said...

That's good to know....I can identify with you own husband has a herniated disc. He has gone through many a bad spell. Once it took almost a year to get over it. He had epidural injections, muscle relaxants, and all sorts of stuff. He cannot have chiropractor treatments as it would be determetrial to a herniated disc. So sorry and hope your husband feels much better soon!

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