Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Days Like This, Anyone?

A quick post while I rest a minute from the loooonnnngggg day I have had.
It started at 3:30 AM with Jason hollering out in pain....he just can't handle it. Backache. Ache is an major understatement. He is being tortured. He can't walk, sit up, or even sleep. His leg has gone numb. While I was sleeping, he said it took him 45 minutes to crawl into our bathroom to use it. He didn't want to wake me up he said...but at 3:30 AM, he couldn't deal with it anymore. At 4 AM we called his brother to help load him in the truck, and off we went to the ER for some help, which all they did was give a strong narcotic and a prescription for more to be filled, and an order to get a MRI as soon as possible. The drugs calm him down somewhat, but he is still uncomfortable.....highly uncomfortable (another major understatement). I noticed on the nurse's whiteboard at their station that there were 14 total ER patients at that time, and 4 of them had back pain. That's approx. 1/3 of the patients. Very common condition I see. After I left with him from the hospital, I put him back in bed, then went back out to fill his prescription at Walgreen's...then back home after I picked up the kids. Amazingly, by chance, one of their buddies had asked if the boys could have a slumber party last night, so they were sleeping over at their friends house while we were at the hospital. Wasn't that convenient? And makes me think of a certain supernatural influence on their friends part...know what I mean? Once I was home with the kids, I played nurse to Jason, Mom to the kids, and also began to pack for my weekend trip to Birmingham, Alabama for a wedding. I have had to rearrange my plans, such as where I will sleep, and who will drive, but it all worked out. My grandparents are going to drive to my house and we will ride together in my big ol SUV, instead of driving separately. Jason will stay with his mom while I am gone thru Sunday. In the midst of packing it was time to take Jason to his MRI scan, so that's what we did, while Jason's mom stayed with the kids here at my house, eventually taking them to the pool and out to dinner. Now, I have almost finished packing, I think, and Jason is sort of resting in bed. And I am nearly a zombie from the 3 hours sleep last night, and perpetual motion all day today.
The MRI center gave us a CD-Rom with his scans on it. We looked at it on the computer. From what WE can see, it looks like a vertebral disk has slipped out and is pinching his spinal cord....obviously, SOMETHING is out of line with the rest of him. But we will wait for the doctor to officially diagnose him. Whatever it is, I hope it can be fairly easily fixed.
Now I must get back to packing, making sure I have everything I need.
I will be home on Sunday night.

Oh, and did I mention I squeezed in a haircut and went to pick up my car from the dealer in between everything else?

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