Thursday, March 08, 2007

Life is Beautiful

13 weeks
14 weeks

These two photos are not my ultrasound photos, but instead I found them online. I am now at 13 weeks and a half, so the two pictures represent my baby at it's current stage of development. I love that we can see so clearly what's what in the photos. When I get to around 27 weeks, I will have my own 4D ultrasound. But until then I will have regular black and white 2D ultrasounds.

Instead of being sick every day, I'm down to every other day, but first thing in the mornings is still rough for me; still have nausea in the mornings. At least in the afternoon I can manage to do a few things.


Amy Parris said...

Pictures like this should be required of every woman considering abortion. Just think of the lives that would be saved if people saw how those "fetuses" really look. I never thought I would think those blurry little squirming babies in those black and white sonograms were so beautiful.

As for your early morning sickness, I'm sure you've probably tried everything but I used to keep a sleeve of saltines on my besdide table. I would eat a few before I even sat up and that always seemed to help. It was the empty stomach that made me nauseous.

Tallahassee Lassie said...

Yes, Amy, I agree with you about requiring abortion minded woman to have one of these type sonograms. Too bad places like Planned Parenthood, who on purpose, use poor quality machines which show basically nothing but a mass of tissue. I know for a fact that when a patient is presented with a true image of their unborn child, their likelihood to abort drastically decreases. I do not understand how anyone can think that abortion is a right and should remain a choice and be legal. It is murder everytime.
Hopefully, as time goes on and pictures like these get out everywhere, more and more women will be made aware of the truth of what is happening in a pregnancy, and will steer away from that course. No-one has any right or choice to take the life of anyone else, unborn or born. It is murder outside the womb, and it is murder inside too.
Tell me how can a pregnant women be murdered and the killer be tried for the deaths of two people, therefore recognizing the personhood of the unborn, but it's personhood is unrecognized at any other times. What a double standard and it must be stopped!

Laurie said...

Glad you are feeling a little bit better! Hope you are 100% by June so you can go to the HLAA conference!

Laurie in TN

Nikki said...

Those pictures are incredible!! I have to admit that you tricked me for a second and I thought that was your baby...oopsy.
Hope you are feeling much much better. Keep us posted.

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