Friday, February 23, 2007

Healthy Mom

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in few days, I know. I'm still here, alive and well, sort-of. I certainly have felt better, but this week hasn't been too rough on me as far as the nausea and puking are concerned. Monday morning was very rough on me. I almost didn't make it to the toilet in time to throw up that morning. I had a OB appt. Monday morning, and all the trouble of getting dressed and putting on my make-up stirred things in my body, and I threw up twice before we even left for the appt. I remained really nauseated all morning, until we got some lunch at Moe's, which I continued to snack on the remainder of the day. ( Their burritoes are HUGE)!! Tuesday I felt pretty good. Wednesday I started feeling queasy again and threw up once, out of the blue, Thursday, I began feeling more and more nauseous and threw up, and today, Friday, I have more of an awful taste in my mouth making me sick than an upset stomach. My saliva is super thick and lots of it and has a mediciny taste, and I just can't get rid of it. So far today I haven't thrown up, or felt like I needed to. I don't know if it's my body finally calming down or if it's the build-up of Phenergan helping me to be able to get out of bed this week. No way do I feel like myself, but this has been my best week yet since the middle of January. I'm afraid to stop the Phenergan though, I want to wait longer and see how long I can go between doses before deciding I don't need it anymore.
Phenergan is a really good drug for nausea, but it makes me very sleepy and gives me a dry mouth throughout the night so that when I wake's like I had cotton in my mouth all night...then when I get the saliva flowing again, it's super thick and nasty tasting....Oh well..which one is better? nausea or excess saliva? I'd rather have neither.
I had an issue with my bloodwork. When a woman becomes pregnant, the doctors order all this routine bloodwork to make sure everything is like it should be in the body. One of my numbers came back as high/abnormal. So I had to go and see a specialist who explained to me what it could mean. Since I didn't have one thing it meant, I could possibly have the other thing, which is Lupus. With all the sick days and achy pains I have had over the past few years, I certainly think Lupus would be a correct diagnosis. So I had to go through some more testing, more in-depth bloodwork. This time the bloodwork came back negative. No Lupus for me! Yeah! This result means that I won't need any special monitoring or considerations during the pregnancy. I turned up completely healthy. It was a false positive. I did read that 10% of women will receive a false positive on something in their bloodwork while pregnant.
The specialist told me that the most common genetic disorder is Cystic Fibrosis. Although there is no-one in my family that has this disease, for some reason the doctor wanted to test to see if I was a carrier for it. I reckon this is something he orders for everyone, I don't know. He ordered it for me though. I'm thinking it doesn't make any difference now! But at least if I know, then my kids will know they are carriers too. Fortunely I am not a carrier for this. Jason wasn't tested though, but I would venture a guess that he isn't a carrier either, since no-one in his family has this either. It's probably a good idea to know if you are a carrier for any genetic disease though, at least in the sense that it prepares you for that situation. That would be the ONLY reason to know, to be prepared. I can be rest assured I am healthy now...I never for a minute thought I carried the gene for cystic fibrosis. But now I know for sure.
While I type this post, the kids are interjecting my thoughts with squeals of laughter. They are watching Tom and Jerry...I love hearing them laugh. I know after all this sickness, and I have my new baby in my arms, all the pain and suffering is worth it. Just to hear a laugh.


gailsirmans said...

Yes, PRAISE GOD you are healthy! I pray that the nausea will end soon. You can always tell this baby thru life that he/she made you sick. LOL.........can't wait to see ya'll on Thursday!

Nikki said...

Just think of how healthy and active this little one is...taking all your energy and making you produce crazy amounts of hormones :)!
Glad to know that you are well. With each day you are closer to being "normal" again...he he he.
Prayers are still heading your way.
Lots of love,

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