Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Eric With Love

Get a plate, knife and fork, Bomba. Eat your words, my dear cousin.

for the rest of you, for reference, check out his comment to me a few posts down.


bomba said...

Man, I am working in the wrong business. Well, atleast you know why you have been sick. And I gues I can say again...WAY TO GO JASON! lol...Congrats Cuz.

Laurie said...

Awesome! Congratulations! Maybe you will get your girl. We got ours the 4th time around. And she was a surprise, too! Blessings to your whole family!

Thanks for the good thoughts for my upcoming surgery...stay tuned for updates!

Laurie in TN

Jennifer said...

YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?!? WHOOOHOOO!!! I had no idea!!! I'm so happy for you...I bet you were surprised!!
I'm so sorry you're so sick, though...that's awful!! I was lucky not to be sick with any of my babies...but it sounds like you're having a rough go of it. (((HUGS)))
I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I hope you're feeling much better by Okllahoma City...are you still thinking about going??
YAAAAAAAYYYYY!! (can you hear me screaming all the way over here??)

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