Monday, November 13, 2006

Just for the record.

It is 36 degrees here this morning. "Here" being Florida.

It is 56 degrees in Manhattan, NY this morning.

So a note for all you Northeners, it DOES get cold in Florida.

I don't care what the high temp. is going to be this afternoon, we all have to bundle up in layers of clothes, and run our heaters at the start of the day.

I do think that the wind in NY would be worse though...I'm watching the TV show "Today" and those people look like they will blow away.

But it is still cold here!

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Anonymous said...

You live in Tallahassee right? I used to live there too when I was just a little girl and I remember one year it was realll cold out and mom put my little white socks on top of the furnace to warm up and they were scathing hot!

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