Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Funny story

So we got a new ceiling fan in our bedroom tonight. A fancy one. It has a remote control. Our neighbor Pete came over and hung it for us, since it was complicated due to our pointed ceiling, and of course what are Delta pilots for if not to hang ceiling fans? It took him two hours but it looks fabulous.
Jason comes home after it's all done and is learning how to work the remote for it and he is on the phone with Pete at the same time thanking him for doing that for us. Then Jason starts laughing. Apparantly while Jason was working the remote for our fan, THEIR ceiling fan was also going on and off. Pete, and his wife Angie, were watching a movie when all of a sudden their light goes on then off then on....LOL Then our fan light goes off and on and we aren't doing it! Turns out they have the exact same fan, and our remotes were working each others fans. Through all the walls between us. I can imagine the fun I'm going to have with this. LOL


bomba said...

That is funny! I agree, it is going to be LOTS of fun. Especially when you have guest over or your neighbors have guest over you can plan to "freak the guests' out" by getting the other to turn the fan off and on. tee-hee

I meant to tell you when you told me you were going to get fans in the house that we have Hunter Fans in each room of our house. They are very nice and quiet.

The one in the living room, where the motor of the fan is, is leather wrapped.

If you haven't looked at Hunter, take a look; you will be pleased.

We had a great time during our visit...really! Jennifer said on the way home that she wished we lived closer together because she knows that you and her would have lots to do together. For starters, the scrap-booking thing.

Much love...

Nikki said...

That is great. It is something that only happens in the movies...or that commercial!!
Okay, so you have control of their light...2am sounds like a nice time to wake up...or is it just you that has the fan in the bedroom!!! oopsy.

Jennifer said...

OK...that is too funny!!! Y'all are going to have fun!!

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