Thursday, August 17, 2006

New backpacks, new school year

I love these backpacks I got for them. They are from L L Bean and I have their names monogrammed on them, but you can't see that in this picture. Posted by Picasa


bomba said...

Ben may be as tall as me now?!

You know what I was thinking...That Jennifer and I need to come visit you and the family and you and I need to get up real early and go yard saling like we did that time. And of course, you need to set your alarm but not let it go off (like it did last time) and then we can "HIT THE GROUND RUNNING" to catch the van that is going to all the yard sales.

Do you remember that?

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pictures of your boys!! They are adorable!! I'm sure it's quiet at home with BOTH of them gone!! :)

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