Thursday, August 17, 2006

Critters in the night

What is this, you might ask..?? I caught this raccoon stealing my cats food. Got you on camera you little thief! He pretends to run away, but he came back 4 times that night, and each time I had to chase him off. Why didn't I just take the cat food bowl inside? Well, because the first time I caught him, he had been there long enough to eat 98 percent of what was in the bowl, so I just wanted to catch him in action and take his picture so I left it out there for him to come back. See A Bedtime Story in my archives all about our neighborly raccoons. Posted by Picasa


bomba said...

Funny! Have they gotten in your trash yet? You know, you always see in the movies how raccoons get into peoples trash and spread it every were.
I have chipmunks that are little thiefs around our house.

gailsirmans said...

Wait til you get a huge possom at your back door. That happened one night here. The dogs were raising sane so I got up to see what the fuss was about. I opened the back door, slammed it shut cuz he was right there! Mike got up and said what is it? I kept saying "it's a thing, a thing, you know a thing!" I couldn't thing of what it was at the moment. That possom was HUGE!

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