Monday, August 21, 2006

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100 Things About Me------------ part one:
1. I have been married to my husband for nearly 8 years.
2. We have 2 children; both boys, ages 5 and 6
3. We live in North Florida.
4. Both of my kids are in elementary school now.
5. I am grateful for the free time I get while my kids are at school.
6. I love Dr. Pepper.
7. I love chocolate.
8. My favorite candy BAR is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
9. I don't like to cook. BUT, I am quite good at following a recipe, and I cook gourmet and a lot at once so I can have leftovers to last a few days. I am an excellent cook regardless of the fact I don't like to cook.
10. I hate cleaning the kitchen. I think this is why I don't like to cook.
11. I have never been a consultant for any home based business. Although I would not mind being a BeautiControl consultant just so I can get the products for myself at a discount, no selling to others.
12. I have smoked one cigarette in my life, when I was 18, I like beer and mixed cocktails, but I have NEVER taken any kind of illegal drugs.
13. I prefer prescription medications, they work better and quicker.
14. I am the oldest of five children, with only one boy born to our mother-- after me, and the youngest two are twins.
15. I never had normal hearing but I have gradually lost what hearing I was born with throughout my life and a hearing loss was discovered when I was four, and no cause has been found for it yet.
16. I know some sign language from watching the signer at my church. But nothing that I can use to communicate with deaf people.
17. I read lips very well. I have to be careful not to pry by watching other people's conversations.
18. I am 5'6" tall, and the tallest girl in my family. By far. Seriously.
19. I have been as heavy as 149 pounds (while pregnant) and as small as 109 pounds ( on my wedding day) since I have been an adult.
20. I went to college and I am 12 credits short of my degree.
21. I have always lived in Florida. I wish to move somewhere else one day, somewhere cooler and drier.
22. I wish I could know then what I know now.
23. I have a phobia of clowns and horses.
24. My dream job would be an actress who does small parts in Hollywood, but I would play a deaf person.
25. I can talk to almost anybody.

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