Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Free Speech gone TOO FAR

I turned on the TV while I ate lunch today and was just flipping through the channels when I saw on the screen a little Chinese girl talking to Montel on his talk show. I thought, OH how cute, let's see what she's saying. So I did. She was talking about a book she was writing...... yes, the little girl. She could not have been any older than 10. Apparently her book is about a person who travels the world learning about different cultures, etc...Montel asks her, "You have a character in your book that is a tyrant king. Who is that tyrant based on?" Her answer, " An exaggerated version of our President George Bush." Ok! she's like 8 or so! I got so MAD! Then she goes on to say that she is donating some of her proceeds from the sale of her book to the "National Education Association ( NEA) and some to the Hurricane Katrina Relief fund so New Orleans can rebuild their libraries and schools so everyone can read books." How noble! Her parents are probably SO proud they have a little liberal half pint! I enjoyed my carefree existence when I was 8 and did not watch news or read the newspaper except for the comics page.
I got so mad I turned off the TV because we should not have so much free speech that we are allowed to de-grade and insult our authority. We should show respect to our President whether we like him or not. We are supposed to say something nice or say nothing at all. And we should teach our kids this as well. It can only get worse if the lack of respect for our government is allowed to continue.
I suppose that girl thinks that Saddam Hussien is a prince who didn't oppress his people and Iraqi's were happier under his regime.


gailsirmans said...

I agree 110%!!!!!

Nikki said...

It is sad that a young girl can't just have fun and enjoy the very few years of being carefree....instead she uses the freedom she has to critism the freedom or people that allow her to do so! I would have turned it off as well.

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