Tuesday, May 09, 2006


OK. I am down to 6 days until I have the surgery. I am nervous as ever, and have spent the past few days getting everything situated for the kids. I finally got someone who will keep them, take them to school, etc..This person actually offered to do all this, and that was a God-send. That person could not be a better choice.

I'm actually not thinking too much about the ordeal I am about to go through. I have been too consumed with each day as it arrives and doing what needs to be done that day. At certain moments when I do think about it, all that comes to mind is the sound of a drill as it burrows into my skull. Yes, I am as nervous, or more than nervous about this as I was while pregnant with my first child and not knowing what to expect from labor and delivery.

After surgery, I will have to deal with the emotions of handling life in mono, and wondering how well will I adapt to my new hearing world once the device is activated one month after surgery.
Some people think I am brave for venturing into what is an unknown world for me. But I say I have no other choice if I want to hear life as it is. All signs point to a better, more fulfilled life......more enjoyment, and not missing out on the little things that make life memorable.


gailsirmans said...

I think that you will be so much better. The girl here that had the surgery is SO PROUD that she can finally hear!

Nikki said...

I will have you in my prayers. You have made the right decision...onward and upward! YIPPEEEEE!

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