Sunday, April 16, 2006

Our weekend

Jason's side of the family...from far left is us and our kids, then it's his sister Haley, her husband Damon, his Mom Debra, father Randy, and brother Micah.

Photo above, taken this morning, is an inaccurate representation of the way we look. We are all squinting and I hate that my face looks so chubby. If I really look like this, then I have a problem. And poor little Aaron, my baby, doesn't feel good. He has a hoarse voice and a runny nose and said he had a tummy ache at one point. But aren't ALL three of my guys handsome?
I should clarify what I am talking about in my previous post. I think some people got the impression that I don't like the traditional festivities. What I meant is, I don't like it when the big picture would seem to be our culture just likes to celebrate the non-religious aspect of holidays. I have no problem with Easter egg hunts and candy and chocolate bunnies as long as who is celebrating knows exactly what we are REALLY having a party for. We did have a Easter egg hunt for our kids today, but after church and after they knew all about why we have what we call Easter. I really am not too keen on the idea of the kids relating to each holiday as just the chance to get more candy. And I REALLY am not keen on our general public view of taking the true meanings of the holidays away.
The weekend was very stressful for me. Being the only deaf person in a crowd of 12 is very tough and with the kids being kids it just gets so hard for me to even keep up with them, much less 10 adults chatting away about everything but me not knowing anything that is being said. I feel like I am never in the know, and most of the time no one will fill me in unless I ask, but then how do I even know what to ask?!! And yes, I was in a sour mood for quite a time this weekend because everything is so much for me to handle and I feel like I don't have any control over any situation and I feel like a child just following along wherever the adults want to go.

A side note: starting Thursday night and continuing till now, my right leg and arm has been alternating, even my left leg at one point, going a heavy, numb feeling in my extremities. it's very annoying and added to my sourness all weekend. I am quite concerned and will see the doc in the morning. It is so weird. I also have chest congestion again. Pray for me.

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gailsirmans said...

You definitely need to find out why you are going numb. Its prolly nothing, but worrisome. Glad you had a fairly good weekend. I believe it would be frustrating not being able to hear in a group like that, but hopefully soon that will be fixed for you.

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