Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Easter?? everyone!

We are traveling to Jax for Easter weekend. Going to the beach and jet ski and attend church over there with Jason's sister and her husband. I sure hope the weather is nice.
I was thinking about exactly what Easter is, and the correct term for what Christians are celebrating is Resurrection Sunday. Easter is a pagan ritual about the coming of spring, and bunnies, chicks, and baskets have nothing to do with Christ being crucified and rising 3 days later. Interesting that the hoilday names we have are actually taken from pagan rituals names that we are using now since Christians have been converting the pagan, thus re-associating the pagan name with what we now know as a Christian hoilday.
Today is Good Friday. Unbelieveable that school is in today. When I was growing up Good Friday was a holiday from school and Spring Break coincided with the Easter weekend. But not anymore! We can't have any religious acknowledgements in the public school system! Let's not have our school board be tolerant of Christians, but do let them go out of their way to tolerate other religious beliefs! I had to fill out a religious exemption form for Ben to be excused absence today. What is this country coming too when the whole foundation of this country, which is based upon freedom of religion and founded by Christian men, that we do not dare to honor such a day in public that is the basis for the entire Christianity belief? Our founding fathers would be ashamed that we have turned this country into such a cesspool of intolerance and over-easily offended people!
Yesterday, Ben's class had their "Spring Party and Egg Hunt" Dare we say Easter party and Easter egg hunt! Easter eggs don't really have anything to do with Christ's crucifixion though do they? It's all a big mess if you ask me. All for marketing purposes, how much money can Hallmark and candy companies make each holiday that rolls around?
Easter is not the only time that the public can't freely express their beliefs, why Christmas programs are renamed "holiday pageants" and not one song about what Christmas really is! What exactly are they celebrating? Getting stuff? Geez!
Oh but now, Valentines day can be celebrated, BIG DEAL! That's not even a real holiday in my opinion. And Halloween, the celebration of the occult and all that's scary....that's perfectly fine to have children of all ages participate in!
I'm fed up with all of this crap.
I will celebrate the religious hoildays in the manner they are supposed to be done.


Nikki said...

Well, being that Kaelyn is in a Christian school they were out 1/2 day on Thursday and off on Friday and Monday. BUT...the public schools in Orange, Seminole and Volusa counties were out today (Friday) as well...Leon county just needs to get with the program!! :)
Have a great time in Jax - send my love to the family!!

gailsirmans said...

There is nothing wrong with "getting things" when celebrating a Christian holiday. That is what Christ does, He gives...... That is where the phrase means something, "It is better to give than to receive". Yes, the world takes a lot away from it, BUT, you can teach your kids the "real" meaning of it all and still have fun participating.I agree wholly that the schools should be out, I also believe that our company which is (according to their web-site) a Christian based company, should be off today, but..we are not. Have fun...

This will be Jacob's first Easter egg hunt, and yes, we will be right out there with him having a great time! But first there will be church, where we will CELEBRATE Christ reserection! Where most of my kids will be right there with me celebrating. Praise GOD HE LIVES! Then, we will spend the rest of the day celebrating God and family. Thank God for holidays where we can enjoy family get-togethers and church.

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